IA @UP Phytotron Facilities


Our cutting-edge Phytotron Facilities offer a variety of resources for research across different fields. At the centre of our Phytotron facilities is a commitment to empower graduate and postgraduate students within the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Pretoria. Our industry partners spanning forestry, agronomy, horticulture, plant nutrition, weed and, pest control collaborate with various departments within the Faculty to tap into the services and resources we offer.

Phytotron units:
Phytotron A: Home to standard evaporative cooling glasshouses, rotating tables, and drainage lysimeters. Phytotron A is ideal for a range of research projects.

Phytotron B: Explore standard evaporative cooling glasshouses and plastic tunnels, perfect for plant pathology research. Our insect-proof netting structures are a key asset for Agroforestry trials. Our poly carb tunnel with mist beds are ideal for propagating ornamental plants!

Phytotron C: Dedicated to seed quality research led by the Department of Plant and Soil Science.

Phytotron D: Home to a variety of resources, including evaporative cooling glasshouses, temperature-controlled glasshouses, polycarbonate tunnels, a tissue culture laboratory, and Conviron growth chambers. These state-of-the-art Conviron growth chambers offer precise control over plant growth factors like photoperiod, light intensity, temperature, humidity, and CO2 enrichment.

Discover, research, and innovate with us at the IA @UP Campus Phytotron Facilities!

The Phytotron facilities are available for use by anyone within UP subject to application and the approval thereof. For projects in collaboration with external partners, the same terms apply with additional approval required from IA @UP Management.

Please forward your queries to: innovationafricaup@gmail.com