Tree Health (Plant Pathology and Entomology) Bursary Application

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A primary goal of the Tree Protection Cooperative Programme (TPCP) and the DSI-NRF Center of Excellence in Plant Health Biotechnology (CPHB) is to promote the health of native, urban and plantation trees through the use of biotechnology. To accomplish this, TPCP-CPHB projects typically consider the pathogens and pests that are associated with trees and woody hosts, while also exploring the possible effects that factors such as climate change, society, natural forest health and plant genetics may have on the health of woody resources and ecosystems.

The TPCP and CPHB is hosted by the Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI) at the University of Pretoria, where students and researchers have the opportunity to work in multidisciplinary and world class research and training environment.

The TPCP is offering MSc and PhD bursaries to work on forest pathology, entomology and bio-information technological projects.

The value of an MSc bursary ranges from R90 000-R100 000 per year (R7 500-R 8 300 per month) and a PhD bursary ranges from R110 000-R120 000 per year (R9 167-R10 000 per month). These values are over and above tuition fees, which will l be paid directly to UP by the TPCP/CPHB. Also, please note that bursaries are tax-exempt.