Prof Eshchar Mizrachi

Univeristy of Pretoria
Department of Genetics

ASLP Facilitator
Programme Leader: African Plant System Biology for the Bioeconomy


My research focus deals with modeling wood formation (xylogenesis) and its evolution. I am especially interested in understanding the molecular biology of carbon allocation and partitioning between polysaccharide (cellulose and xylan) and phenolic (lignin) biopolymers during wood formation in Eucalyptus trees. These polymers are an important raw material for many current commercial high-end value derivatives, and are critical for a sustainable green economy. A deeper understanding of carbon metabolic flux and utilization in secondary cell wall biosynthesis in plants is key to understanding global carbon sequestration (woody tissues of plants represent a significant carbon sink), as well as developing successful biotechnology solutions in the future to trees and other biomass-related crops.