Dr Linde Du Toit

University of Pretoria
Department of Animal Science

Research Project: Ruminant Nutrition


Dr Lindeque du Toit is a senior lecturer in the Department of Animal Science in the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Pretoria. He obtained his BSc(Agric) Animal and Pasture Science and MSc(Agric) in Animal Nutrition between 1996 and 2006, and a PhD in Animal Nutrition from UP in 2017.

His research area is focussed on meeting the challenge to increase the production of quality livestock protein and fibre to meet an increasing demand, adapt to environmental changes and reduce the impact of livestock production systems on the environment. His current research projects are focussed on addressing these challenges by firstly developing and improving country specific greenhouse gas emission factors for all classes of livestock in South Africa including privately owned game and secondly by identifying and evaluating practical mitigation strategies that has a high probability of being adopted by livestock producers and industry.

Dr Du Toit lectures subjects in livestock production systems, pasture and range management, animal nutrition and small stock nutrition and management. He is currently a serving member of the South African Society for Animal Science and a member of the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professionals.