Prof Namrita Lall

University of Pretoria
Department of Plant and Soil Sciences

Professor and NRF rated researcher in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences
Programme Leader: Medicinal Plant Science


The main vision of Professor Lall’s research is to use medicinal plants for the benefit of its people. The programme investigates the medicinal plants for Tuberculosis, cancer, and skin-related diseases. Hepatoprotective and immunomodulatory effects of the plants are also evaluated.  

The aim therefore, is not only the isolation and purification of pharmacologically relevant phytochemicals as new lead compounds, but also the investigation of complex extracts and semi-pure fractions to use in the medicinal plant industry related to the primary health care of people.

Professor Lall works closely with industry partners as well as traditional health practitioners for the commercialisation of new plant-based herbal products. Bioprospecting, the ethical issues, intellectual property rights and benefit-sharing related to this process are some of the tasks of high priority.