Mr Emmanuel Swuhana

Foreman (Farm Maintenance): Innovation Africa @UP Campus


Emmanuel has contributed his skills and expertise to the University of Pretoria for 9 years and is currently enrolled for a B-Tech in Horticulture at UNISA.

He maintains the overall layout of the IA@UP Campus terrain and manages staff. Emmanuel coordinates the maintenance of farm implements, equipment and structures on the premises. He assists veterinary students during their animal practicals as well as with pruning trials. 


Emmanuel holds the following certifications: 

Primary Agriculture : Plant production, Soil science, Animal production & Agri business

Association of Veterinary and Crop of South Africa (AVCASA): Certificate: Crop Protection

Irrigation Wise Academy: Certificate: Introduction to Irrigation equipment and installation

South African pecan nuts producer’s association (SAPPA): Certificate of New entrant’s pecan growers