The Hub is envisioned to be relevant across all agriculture and forestry industry sectors. The establishment and maintenance of the National Biosecurity Hub requires dedicated long-term and sustainable funding from both government and industry. The Hub leverages human resources, financial resources and infrastructure from public and private sector partnerships. Industry has critical roles as a funder and participation in biosecurity activities (such as surveillance and emergency response).



i. Human Capacity Development – DALRRD Internship placement 

To support the national plant health system towards compliance with South Africa’s international plant health obligations and responsibilities, three unemployed natural science graduates have been placed with the National Plant Protection Organization of South Africa (NPPOZA) at DALRRD. These graduates completed a year of training within the Phytosanitary Internship Programme at Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI) prior to joining the NPPOZA team. Placement of interns at DALRRD is funded by DSI through the Agricultural Bioeconomy Innovation Partnership Programme (ABIPP).